Wowmall - Premium Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Compatible with: WooCommerce 3.3.x

  • created: 9/03/2017
  • latest update: 24/02/2018
  • by: Etheme


Installing WordPress

Before beginning the installation and configuring of your new theme, you must first have WordPress already installed on a server.

If you are struggling, here is a very detailed guide at Wordpress Codex that will walk you through every step.

Installing The Theme

Once you have setup a copy of WordPress, there are two ways you can go about installing the theme:

  1. FTP Upload

    Unzip the download and upload the theme directory /wowmall/ into your WordPress themes directory /wp-content/themes/.

  2. WordPress Upload

    This is definitely the easier route for most. Simply navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme. Click the 'browse' button and locate the still zipped theme folder. The theme will be uploaded and installed in a matter of seconds.

    Then you need to activate installed theme.

    After you have installed the theme successfully, you can optionally import the supplied dummy data in order to get a feel for things. If you're interested in importing the data, please check the Demo Data section below.

Installing plugins required

Once you have installed and activated our theme you will be prompted to install required and recommended plugins. Just click the link Begin installing plugins.

Next, check boxes to select all the plugins you want to install, select the bulk action of install from the dropdown box and then click the button to apply.

Finally, you will got a confirmation notice that your plugins were activeded.


After installing theme and plugins you need to activate theme. For this you need a purchase code.

How to find your ThemeForest Item Purchase Code

  1. Login into your ThemeForest account and go to the "Downloads" page.
  2. Download the License Certificate & purchase code.
  3. Open the downloaded file and inside you’ll find the Item Purchase Code

Then you need to go to Wowmall Options > License and paste your pupchase code into related field and click Activate button.


To help you set up website with the least efforts, we include in the theme package dummy content file. After installing it, all content seen on the live demo will be imported except for images.

Recommended PHP configuration limits are as follows:

  • max_execution_time 180
  • memory_limit 128M
  • post_max_size 64M
  • upload_max_filesize 64M

You can use one is using our One-click Importer. To go with the former option, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to WooMall Options > Demo Importer
  2. Just click Import Demo and wait for the process to complete.



How to create new footer layout

3 ways to mark product as new

How to create Megamenu

Color and Size Variations

Social Media Profiles

Product Page Video

External Plugins

General information

First of all, we would like to specify that we do not guarantee the compatibility of our theme with all the third-party plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce. Our template is fully compatible only with the plugins that are included in our theme and also WooCommerce, WPML, Contact Form 7, and Mail Chimp plugin. You often (not always) need to customize the extension to make it work properly with your theme. It's impossible for theme author to make the theme compatible with all existing extensions. Please, take that into your consideration and treat with understanding!

Included plugins

Wowmall theme includes a number of perfect third-party plugins that greatly increase the theme opportunities and open new horizons for your blog. The following plugins are attached to Legenda Wowmall:

As we are not these plugins developers, you may find on their developers’ web-sites all the set up information and documentation for them.



Theme options panel will give you full control and access over the appearance of your site, by accepting you to upload your own logo, organize your site with your own typography and style like changing colors, fonts, turn features on and off etc without any kind of coding experience.To access it, navigate the Wowmall Options section from the WordPress dashboard.

General Settings

  • Display preloader before page load
  • Images Lazy Loading
  • 404 Page background
  • Overwrite options from url
  • Optimize scripts & styles
  • CDN for 3rd party scripts & styles

Color Settings

  • Accent color (1)
  • Accent color (2)
  • Link color

Header Settings

  • Favicon URL
  • Site Logo
  • Site Retina 2x Logo
  • Site Retina 3x Logo
  • Site Alternative Logo
  • Site Alternative Retina 2x Logo
  • Site Alternative Retina 3x Logo
  • Site Logo for Mobile
  • Site Retina 2x Logo for Mobile
  • Site Retina 3x Logo for Mobile
  • Site Header
  • Display Compare on header
  • Compare Page
  • Display Wishlist on header
  • Wishlist Page
  • Display currency dropdown on header
  • Display cart dropdown on header
  • Display orders link on header
  • Display account link on header
  • Display sticky header

Breadcrumbs Settings

  • Breadcrumbs Background

Blog Settings

  • Blog Layout Type
  • Blog Tags
  • Blog Read More Button
  • Blog Read More Button Text
  • Blog Social Share Buttons

Blog Media Settings

  • Blog Image Small Size
  • Blog Image Related Size
  • Blog Image Grid Size
  • Blog Image Masonry Size
  • Blog Image List Size
  • Blog Image Single Post Size

Gallery Settings

  • Gallery Layout Type
  • Gallery Columns
  • Gallery Display Type
  • Order By
  • Sort Order
  • Posts per Page

Gallery Media Settings

  • Gallery Image Grid Small Size
  • Gallery Image Grid Medium Size
  • Gallery Image Masonry Small Size
  • Gallery Image Masonry Medium Size
  • Gallery Lightbox Thumbs Size


  • Body Typography
  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4
  • H5
  • H6

Woocommerce Settings

  • In Stock Label
  • SKU Label
  • Pagination Variant
  • Shop page layout
  • Product grid columns for loop
  • Layout for shop category page
  • Display Product Share
  • Loop Thumb Effect
  • Compare
  • Wishlist
  • Quick View
  • Quick View Thumb Effect

Woocommerce Media Settings

  • Single Product Thumb Size
  • Mini-cart Thumb Size
  • Cart Thumb Size
  • Catalog Image Small Size
  • Catalog Image Average Size
  • Catalog Image Big Size
  • Catalog Image List Size
  • Single Product v1 Image Size
  • Single Product v2 Image Size
  • Collection Image Size 1x1
  • Collection Image Size 1x2
  • Collection Image Size 2x1
  • Collection Image Size 2x2

Woocommerce Media Settings

  • Product Page Layout
  • Swiper Effect
  • Zoom

Popup Settings

  • Popup
  • Popup Pretext
  • Popup subscribe form
  • Check if user is subscribed
  • Don't show again button
  • Delay, in ms

Footer Settings

  • Footer Layout
  • Footer Background
  • Footer Top Panel Background
  • Footer Bottom Panel Background
  • Footer Logo
  • Footer Retina 2x Logo
  • Footer Retina 3x Logo
  • Footer Text
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Payment Methods
  • Payment Methods Image
  • To Top button

Top panel

  • Top panel newsletter title
  • Top panel newsletter text
  • Top panel newsletter

Footer Layout 1

  • Footer Layout 1 Page

Footer Layout 2

  • Footer Layout 2 Page

Footer Layout 3

  • Footer Layout 3 Page

Footer Layout 4

  • Footer Layout 4 Page

Extra Settings

  • Extra CSS


  • Enable/Disable maintenance mode
  • Maintenance Page background
  • Maintenance Page Logo
  • Maintenance Page Retina 2x Logo
  • Maintenance Page Retina 3x Logo
  • Page Title
  • Newsletter Pretext
  • Maintenance Page newsletter form
  • Enable/Disable countdown
  • Maintenance Page Date
  • Maintenance Page Time, in hrs
  • Enable/Disable maintenance demo mode


Visual Composer is a premium drag drop page builder that comes with the theme for giving you lots of flexibility. It provides 40+ elements that can be easily added to your page wherever you want. In addition to extending functionalities of existing elements, Wowmall theme has added 11 additional elements. With these elements you will be able to create your pages very easily.

Wowmall Visual Composer Elements

  1. Wowmall Mailchimp
  2. Wowmall Gallery
  3. Wowmall LookBook
  4. Wowmall Follow
  5. Wowmall Posts Carousel
  6. Wowmall Wishlist
  7. Wowmall Compare
  8. Wowmall Products Carousel
  9. Wowmall Brands Carousel
  10. Wowmall Products Collection
  11. Wowmall Slider
  12. Wowmall Instagram

Wowmall Mailchimp

Wowmall Mailchimp allows you to add a Mailchimp Newsletter Subscription Form.


Wowmall Gallery

Wowmall Gallery allows you to display your images and images categories. You can set number of gallery images, number of columns, layout type, display type, order type and sorting order.



Wowmall LookBook

Wowmall LookBook allows you to display a set of products in a fashionable clothing line


Wowmall Follow

Wowmall Follow allows you to display a list with linked social media icons.


Wowmall Posts Carousel

Wowmall Posts Carousel allows you to display your posts with a Swiper slider. You can set title, title alignment, number of visible posts, post formats, order type and sorting order.


Wowmall Wishlist

Wowmall Wishlist allows you to display Wishlist.


Wowmall Compare

Wowmall Compare allows you to display Compare table.


Wowmall Products Carousel

Wowmall Products Carousel allows you to display your products with a Swiper Slider. You can set section title, carousel direction, number of visible products, title alignment, product type, order type and sorting order.


Wowmall Brands Carousel

Wowmall Brands Carousel allows you to display your product brands with a Swiper Slider. You can set section title, number of visible brands, title alignment, order type and sorting order.


Wowmall Products Collection

Wowmall Products Collection allows you to display Products categories layout same as Shop page layout option second variant in Theme options.


Wowmall Slider

Wowmall Slider allows you to create simple lightweight image slider with captions.


Wowmall Instagram

Wowmall Instagram allows you to show your instagram feed or tagged content.


Widget Sidebars

Wowmall theme has 3 widget sidebars:

  1. Sidebar
  2. Shop Sidebar
  3. Top Panel Currency Switcher Sidebar

Wowmall Widgets

This theme has 3 widgets. You can find all these under Appearance > Widgets in WordPress admin panel.

  1. Wowmall About
  2. Wowmall Follow
  3. Wowmall Instagram

Wowmall About

Wowmall About allows you to display short information about your site.


Wowmall Follow

Wowmall Follow allows you to display a list with linked social media icons. It has only one option - title field. It displays menu in Social Media Profiles menu location


Wowmall Instagram

Wowmall Instagram allows you to display short information about your site.



PO/MO Theme Translation

You can translate theme directly using PO/MO language files. You need Poedit software for this. Theme languauge files are located in wp-content/themes/wowmall/languages/, Wowmall Shortcodes languauge files are located in wp-content/plugins/wowmall-shortcodes/languages/

  1. Open wowmall/languages/wowmall.pot in Poedit

  2. Click Create new translation button

  3. Choose your Translation language

  4. Find String that need to be transated, for example RELATED PRODUCTS

    Press Ctrl + F in Poedit and find that string

  5. Type your translation in Translation field

  6. Click on Save Button an Poedit will create two files in same location: *.po and *.mo

  7. Now you need to upload these two files in same directory on your remote hosting. After all you'll get nice translated string.

WPML Theme Translation

Wowmall is fully compatible with WPML plugin.

WPML is a well documented tool for translating your site. Below you can find some useful tutorials.


Thanks a lot for using this amazing theme. Hope you found this documentation helpful for using this theme. Please support this product by giving your ratings and testimonial. For any further help, you can visit our help site –

With best wishes – Etheme